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General Information    
First Marine Battalion, Wolf Company.
EU Tactical Military Unit

 The proud Terran Republic ensures the installation of peace through superior fire power, achieved by use of its disciplined, tactical and elite ground troops. The First Terran Marines are found as a common tip of spears, forging staging areas and beachheads alike into all terrains and territories across the Auraxis for other main forces to arrive.

 The Marines employ real word military tactics from the British Army to overcome their foes, they are accompanied by an array of skilled soldiers and pilots to ensure that they are self sustaining in any field. All Marines start as General Duties Marines, before specializing in to a class they take pride in; be that driver or MAX unit.

We are always open to finding more recruits, the First Marines are more than capable of accommodating large scale operations thanks to the experience of command staff; and have a dream to establish multiple self-serving companies to operate a full battalion in the field.

You do not need to have prior military experience to sign on, or any understanding of tactics at all - we will take care of you from that regards, but you must approach us with an open mind and be willing to learn, discipline is the key to our success. If we say jump, you ask how high - that said, we create a good gaming community and many of us have known one another for years; humour is present in abundance. 

To join our brotherhood proceed to the forums. Best of luck!

Operational Status

Total Personnel: 21

Infantry Companies: 1
Sections/Squads: 4 
Riflemen: 15
Anti-Tank Specialist: -
Combat Medic: -
Combat Engineers: 1
Combat Technicians: -
Snipers: -
Pathfinders: 4

Armour Crews: 0
Tank Commanders: -
Drivers: -
Wing Commanders: -
Pilots: 2

MAX Units: 0
Anti-Tank: -
Anti-Air: -
Anti-Infantry: -

Logistics: 1
Adjutants: 1

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